IKOMED Technologies Inc.

Innovative Medical Devices

We are a Vancouver based company engaged in developing groundbreaking medical device technology. Our research and development, as well as manufacturing, integration, and testing, is done from our Vancouver office. Read on for the latest updates on our progress as well as for opportunities to partner with us or join our team.

AI-Guided X-ray Radiation Reduction

AEGIS is a shutter system that incorporates machine learning and image processing to reduce X-ray radiation in fluoroscopy by over 60%, as proven in clinical studies. Fluoroscopy is an X-ray imaging modality widely used to guide minimally invasive procedures where catheters are inserted into patients’ bodies for treatment. These procedures reduce the need for surgery but expose patients and staff to large amounts of radiation.

Several fluoroscopy systems incorporating AEGIS have been cleared by the FDA and are sold commercially in the USA in partnership with Omega Medical Imaging.

Noninvasive Treatment for Emphysema

ATMOS is a proprietary device for the non-invasive treatment of emphysema, a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD,)  using radiofrequency radiation. Emphysema is a debilitating disease caused by smoking and other factors, and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Current treatment is focused on alleviating symptoms with no cure available.

ATMOS has been successfully proven in early preclinical testing in collaboration with the St. Paul’s Hospital Centre for Heart Lung Innovation under the leadership of Professor Don Sin, and is undergoing additional in vivo testing on the path to clinical studies.

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