AEGIS: AI Based Radiation Reduction in Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is X ray imaging done at video rates and is widely used in minimally invasive procedures such as cardio and gastro intestinal procedures. In these procedures, the medical device is inserted into the patient’s body through the mouth or a blood vessel and the medical team uses fluoroscopy to guide it to place and complete the procedure. While this eliminates open surgery and enables short procedures and fast healing, it exposes patients and staff to large amounts of radiation since they are X rayed at video rates of up to 30 pulses per second. It is important to note that in fluoroscopy the medical team stands in the radiation field, next to the patient, unlike medical imaging where they move to a protected area while the patient is X rayed.
The Ikomed AEGIS combines a fast electro-mechanical shutter with Artificial Intelligence and image processing in a system which was clinically proven to reduce radiation by >60% without degrading image quality. The system was cleared by the FDA last year and is now sold in the US with an OEM partner. As of today we have over 10 installations in US hospitals. Some of the concepts of our technology are depicted in US Patents 7,983,391 and 8,693,628.