Ikomed Technologies Inc. is a young and energetic medical device company, based in Vancouver BC, which is engaged in the research and development of several ground-breaking medical device technologies.
We are currently commercializing the AEGIS a smart shutter system used to reduce the amount of X ray radiation which patients and medical staff are exposed to during minimally invasive medical procedures requiring the use of fluoroscopy. The Aegis system combines a high-speed electro-mechanical shutter with machine vision, image processing, and machine learning to reduce radiation by over 60% with no degradation in image quality.
We are also developing a novel medical device that will revolutionize the treatment of emphysema, a type of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Emphysema is a debilitating and progressive lung disease caused by smoking, environmental factors or genetic factors. It is one of the leading causes of death, with millions of patients worldwide, but currently has no cure and treatment is focused on alleviating symptoms. Our device applies RF (radio frequency) radiation in a non-invasive treatment which could cure the disease and improve the quality of life of millions of patients around the world, increase their productivity, and reduce long-term healthcare costs.
We offer a flexible work environment, a comprehensive salary and benefits program, and the ability to participate in the success of the company through equity.
Our small but growing team combines expertise in science, engineering, medical device development, business, and manufacturing. We believe in hiring talented motivated and self-driven people who are strong team players, giving them the direction and resources they need to succeed, and letting them make the right decisions for Ikomed. We also believe in having fun while working hard.

Would you like to join us?


IKOMED is looking for a talented and self-driven Biophysicist to join our multi-disciplinary project team as a full-time employee in the development of our medical device to treat emphysema. You will work closely with mechanical, electrical, and software engineers as well as medical experts.
Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Developing invasive and non-invasive thermometry methods and collaborating with hardware and software engineers to implement control systems ensuring device safety and efficacy
  • Guiding device design through literature reviews as well as bench and in-vivo testing
  • Providing input into risk management as well as verification and validation activities
  • Collaborating with medical experts to define the treatment regime
  • Developing pre-clinical and clinical protocols and supporting the associated studies
  • Supporting test method development

Experience and qualifications
To be successful in the role, you have to have…

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a program in Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Engineering Physics or Biophysics
  • At least 5 years of experience in medical device development, including taking a product from the concept stage to clinical testing
  • A strong background in physics and physiology; in particular, a solid understanding of electro-magnetic radiation and its interaction with biological tissues

Ideally, you will also have…

  • A solid foundation in bio-statistics and a first-hand understanding of clinical trial design
  • The hands-on capabilities to build prototypes and experimental setups with minimal help
  • Experience building and leading teams of biomedical researchers and engineers

Personal attributes
We are looking for strong team players with a “can do” attitude who have…

  • Enthusiasm for and a pragmatic approach to tackling hard problems, together with a strong drive to get things done
  • Creativity and the ability to see what is important and what is not in an engineering problem
  • Excellent analytic skill and the ability to not only answer but also to ask the right questions
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and technical documentation skills
  • Great interpersonal skills, including maturity, teamwork, respect, courtesy, tact, and discretion

Please send your application to Kim Wolff: